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best365官网登录app将营销工作的重点放在推动大巴尔的摩地区经济活动的战略性产业部门. As we carry out our mission to market the economic assets 和 opportunities in the Region, we collect 和 analyze data to maintain industry profiles for several dominant sectors: 网络安全, 生命科学, Information Technology, 物流, 制造业, 医疗保健, 农业. 另外, st和alone profiles for sectors of growing significance in the region have been created:  能源, 数字医疗, 高等教育, 国防科技. These profiles are posted below; updates 和 additions will be added on a rolling basis.

Exp和ed resources 和 additional information, including a StoryMap displaying significant industry activity 和 a jurisdictional analysis, have been created for each primary industry (网络安全, 生命科学, Information Technology, 物流, 制造业, 医疗保健, 和农业).   To access this information, click “View Industry Page” at the bottom of any industry feature on this page.  For information on the methodology 和 data used to create these maps, see 在这里.

米歇尔Whelley - 总统 & 首席执行官

"We want you to be informed about 大巴尔的摩. Don't be shy; please ask."

总统 & 首席执行官

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